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A community for students dedicated to creating a world free of gender stereotypes & social injustice

@TheRepProject Media Lab

About Us

@TheRepProject Impact Collective supports members of the most diverse and inclusive generation (ages 14-24) by amplifying their voices and empowering them to create media that pushes back against the danger of a single story and prepares them to lead in their communities.Β 

We're passionate about empowering high school and college students like you to leverage the power of *your* personal stories to drive cultural change. By joining us in this new community, you now have the ability to:

  • Connect with other students and creators like you who share the same passion for gender equity
  • Learn how to create sticky content and media designed to challenge the status quoβ€”including videos, podcasts, memes, GIFs, blog posts, and more
  • Workshop your projects, get feedback from your peers, and tap into a growing network of experts who are here to support you and help you succeed
  • Access exclusive content and opportunities that we're organizing and developing just for you
  • Share actionable ideas and get support when you need it from other students, creators, and activists like you
  • And more than anything... helpΒ us create real change the world! πŸ’₯
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